Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let's go to the snow sometime

I really enjoy the image of snow on trees, in meadows, on hills and mountains, frozen lakes and streams, roofs covered in snow with chimneys smoking. It makes the landscape look new, young, pure and beautiful. I'm ready to look on a scene like that. Whether it's going for a long drive into the mountains, staying the night somewhere, or playing in the snow for the day.
My eyes are tired of cars and roads and houses and clutter and trash and people and tv and dirty air and flourescent lights and the city. I want to see beauty, nature, wilderness, the end of a year turning into the begining of another. I can smile just thinking about it (and it's not even a clear picture). I need a clear picture, so it can sustain me for a little while.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bears vs. Raiders

Sunday, November the 11th, two of my friends (Ed and Josh) took me to a NFL game to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I am a Chicago Bears fan, and I live in California, so this game was picked. We had good seats, not great seats, but good seats (why pay $100-$1000 for a "great" seat). The game was slow, low scoring, and dull...until the last 5 minutes. The Raiders kick a field goal to go up 6-3, and obnoxious Raiders fans went crazy. But the Bears scored on a long pass from Rex Grossman (who came into the game because the starter was injured) to Fresno State's own Bernard Berrian, and were up 10-6. The Bears caused a Raiders fumble, went on offence, and Cedric Benson ran for a touch down to put the Bears up 17-6. The Raiders then moved down the field in the final minute, attempting to score...only to be intercepted in the corner of the endzone (right where our seats were) to end the game. Go Bears!