Friday, July 27, 2007

an army of one

at my office, there is an indoor forest (atrium?) and for the past three days there has been a cricket chirping. on the first day, one of the girls i work with said the chirping was driving her mad. so i tried to distract/scare/drown it by watering the the plants and trees. that seemed to work. for that day. the second day the cricket was back, but laying low, only chirping every once in a while. then this moring, feeling refreshed and rejuvinated he (the cricket) was back at it...strong! so my intercom beeps, and one of my bosses voice says "which one of you is going to kill that cricket". he was joking, and serious, but it doesn't matter because i think the cricket heard. because i don't think i've heard him since.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fantasy Football

So on Monday I created a fantasy league on X-box for Madden 2007. My team sucks.
But creating that team got me in the mood for "real" fantasy football. I've been in a league with a few friends for three years now (i think 3) and it has been a blast. So we are approaching a new year of fantasy football (middle of september) and I can't wait.
On a different note, I've actually enjoyed watching baseball this season...maybe because the hallowed homerun record is close to being broken. But come on football!