Wednesday, July 22, 2009

comments on a movie, but not really a review

so i went to see the new harry potter movie this past weekend. and it rocked. i had tried to keep my expectations low (partly because i didn't like the 5th movie all that much), so as the movie went on my smile grew wider and wider. i appreciated how much of the book the movie captured, and also some of the subtle ways it deviated from it. but i'll need to see it a time or two more before i can confirm my early approval of it (and maybe write a review). but i did laugh/chuckle a few times, and in one scene (i don't remember which...really) something was said or done that made me grin. the kind of grin that you try to hide or wipe off your face, but you just can't. so, in conclusion, i liked it, want to see it again, and will see it again. and i already look forward to the two movies that will tell the story of the final book. and i'll probably start reading the series again sooner than i figured i would. maybe i'll try to read the lord of the rings series first. yeah, that's what i'll do. bilbo and frodo, you're next. but before i do that, who want's to go watch harry potter with me?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my place

i guess like all things, i go up and down, swing left and swing right. my apartment is a good example. it's clean, it's dirty. i'm happy with it, i hate it. currently, it's a mess. a big mess. the kind of mess that would keep me from having anyone over (i say would because i don't have anyone over in the first place). there's clean laundry and dirty laundry. clean dishes and dirty dishes. mail and papers on this table, and mail and papers on that table. clothes on the floor, clothes in the dresser, clothes on top of the dresser. it needs to be vacuumed, it needs to be dusted, the bed needs to be made, the bathroom needs to be made to sparkle (the kitchen too). we'll see how far i get this weekend.