Friday, September 26, 2008

thursday night tv

i watched the first hour of survivor last night, and then the office.

it seems like survivor tries to cover all of its bases with the cast it puts together each season. it starts with 18 contestants. there are 6 young, attractive women. there are 6 young, muscular men. and then there are 6 old/weak/unattractive people. at least that's how i break them down when i see them for the first time. maybe that says more about me than anything else - because i don't have to try to fit them into these catagories, they just fall into them automatically. anyway, moving on.

the office was great. i'm glad jim proposed to pam. i liked her reaction. the dwight/angela/andy relationship triangle works well. dwight coming out of the storage room in his wife-beater and his big gut, looking all smug and full of himself makes me laugh. michael continues to be clueless, as he should. and bringing ryan back in as the temp, and the scenario between michael and dwight and him with their goatees was funny. and always, i love dwight and jim's relationship, with jim putting his hand on dwight's shoulder just to have dwight shrug it off while looking exasperated. and there's so much more - like dwight kicking stanley's birthday cheesecake all over michael, or kelly wanting everyone to tell her more good things about her when she was standing on the chair. i enjoy watching this show more than any other on tv right now.

Friday, September 19, 2008


currently: downward

in other news. i've had the cartoon television series 'Voltron' sitting on my shelf for a year or two now. last night i decided to shake the dust off of it and take a stroll down memory lane. I remember the show, and i remember the toys, i just didn't remember how much i watched it. but when it started i was like "oh yeah, i remember these guys." out of the four episodes i watched last night, i don't remember any of them. so maybe i started watching it later in the series. it is fun though. and editing wise, they left in the cuts where the show leaves and comes back from commercial...which i think is very funny. it says something like "we'll be back with more action after this short commercial break" and then "and now back to more Voltron". it's something like that; i know i didn't capture it word for word.

Monday, September 15, 2008

thank you

so i went down to bakersfield on friday with ed and woody to help woody move some furniture and pick up a car to bring back to fresno. so we went out for drinks that night, stopping at a few different places. when we were leaving one spot, we were stopped on the street behind a car that was being dealt with by the police. the other end of the street was blocked with cones, so we had to go this way. while waiting behind this car, one of the police officers walks back to us to tell us it's going to be awhile, and we should use the alley to leave. the other two say "okay", and what do i say? "thank you". as you can guess, they laughed at me and made fun of me the rest of the night.

i wake up sunday morning and see that i got a text saturday night. at 1:33 am. from ed. saying "thank you". i texted him back that morning asking why he said thank you. he said he wasn't sure. and then later it clicked. he was making fun of me. he was probably leaving landmark, saw a cop car, and sent me the text. i'm glad my friends like me enough to make fun of me. i think.

Friday, September 12, 2008

my favorite harry potter

so i watched all five harry potter movies over the last two weeks in the evenings; that should tell you how exciting my life is. and i have to say i like movie number three the best. that's not saying that i like book number three the best, or the story in three the best. but the movie, the movie. i don't know the proper terms to use; maybe it's the production, or the cinematogrophy, or the direction. but i really enjoy watching it. it has weight to it. emotion. i think that movie number three has the same mood and theme that is developing and living through the entire book series (where some of the other movies are their own entities, serving their own purposes).

now i wouldn't say that book number three is my favorite, but i can't tell you which one is just now. it's been too long since reading a few of them. so i'm rereading the series. it will probably take me a little bit to do (especially since i am still finishing up two other books too). but after i finish i will tell you which book i liked the best. and hopefully i will be able to adequately explain why.

on a side note, i love how two people can read the same book and see things entirely different. the mood and theme and feeling i get from reading this series may be somewhat (or completely) different from what someone else gets from it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

so, it's september

i guess this means i need to come up with some content for my blog. i'll get to work...coming up with stuff. friends should feel welcome to put their two cents in.