Wednesday, December 26, 2007

bad habbits

we all have bad habbits, right? one that i constantly battle with is biting my fingernails. i've always done it - i'm sure it has to do with my early childhood or something like that. my parents used to put the peppery tasing nail polish on them, but i would chew right through that. i might have gotten punished and spanked (i can't remember); but i always bite my nails.
at different times, i have tried to not bite them. i've gone for weeks, a few times i've gone months, but i always end up defeated. i'll be three weeks in, trimming them and keeping them looking good, and then i'll be watching a movie or something and before i know it i've chewed half of my nails down to nothing. then i give up and move to the other hand and say that i'll try again some other time.
i am currently trying to not bite my nails. five or six days in, so far so good. so when we are hanging out and you see me start to bite my nails, i give you permission to hit me/kick me/make fun of me/throw something at me (not your drink, ed)/or remind me that i'll never become an asternaut or president if i bite my nails.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

filling free time

so, most of my evenings are free most of the time. on these free evenings i'm either watching tv or a movie, or reading a book. like with 99% of things in life, if you do them long enough they get old. what can i do to bring new life to my evenings? i have two possibilities that i will expound on, but i would also be grateful to hear from you, my friends, your suggestions.
my possibility #1 is to work out (this would mean either getting a gym membership or using my apartment complex's gym, if they have one). before i decided to hurt myself while riding a motorcycle, i used to work out 3-4 times a week - and i loved it. so, riding a stationary bike and possibly lifting weights would be a good way to waste away part of multiple evenings, and a great thing for my body. and i know you all want me to have a good looking body; you don't have to say it, i know.
my possibility #2 is to take an evening class at city college. i'm thinking some type of history class, or art history/appreciation, or something else. it would be a credit/no credit type class that would be fun to take by myself, but more fun to take with a friend or two.
other suggestions/ideas/possibilities?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

holiday travel

i think i am going to spend christmas in the bay area with my dad and step-mom this year. so i'll leave friday evening or saturday morning, and come back christmas afternoon/evening. i try to alternate from year to year between the bay area and visalia, but it's hard to want to keep doing this. why is it hard? because i am lazy. because i like sleeping in my own bed. because i'm closer to my mom than my dad. because i hate traffic and am easily annoyed by other drivers. because gas is expensive.
so i guess i'll see my parents down here for christmas before or after. i know some people wanted to do a holiday potluck dinner, but i am doubting that it will happen now.
on a separate note, i hear that someone might have a new years party...allegedly. i might have to crash it. i'll even dress up to blend in if i have to. we'll see.