Monday, August 31, 2009

100 words for my 100th post

different sides of the same story:
forlorn, blue, desolate, numb, undone, cheerless, miserable, meloncholy, lost, downcast, hurt, alone, anguished, insignificant, sad.
unwise, foolish, witless, stupid, absurd, laughable, lacking, senseless, ridiculous.
allow, resign, consent, accept, give, tollerate, concede, surrender, take, relent, endure.

i've made up my mind so many times
saying [to myself] that i would,
(or would not) do something.
and i never follow through.

but today is new. my resolve is strong.
it's the beginning of the end.

the gulf will widen. my voice will become faint.
i will allow myself to be forgotten.
then peace will take root.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

no chance

things i need to do today, tomorrow, or this weekend...but i know i'm not gonna do:
1 dishes
2 laundry (maybe)
3 wash my truck
4 pay a bill or two
5 get a new cell phone
6 buy pants and shirts
7 stop by the post office
8 stop by a friends house to say hi
9 go grocery shopping